I’m a knife collector from Chengdu, China. I have been collecting all kinds of knives since college. 

The Elf’s short sword in the movie Ring, inspired my love for cold weapons, then I began to know various brands of knives, such as Spyderco, Benchmade, Coldsteel, and Hogue. I had more than 500 folding knives at most. I became obsessed with pocket knives since 2016, have collected GEC, Northwood, Queen, I am especially obsessed with sambar stag knives. 

I have made some small improvements when using them. Now I have tried to fabricate my own slipjoint knives after work. I am glad that more and more people like the knives I made. I hope that people from all over the world can use my knives, taking photos with my knives in different locations, that will make me very happy and proud, thanks.



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